How retailers can use the gempod promotion

This is what I said to the first shop about how it works:
Note on the gempods as sales tool:
No extra charge for the gempods. hopefully they’ll get used as fridge magnets, maybe one kept and one given away, and if customer (original one or a new one – anyone!) returns to you quoting the discount code in the reverse of their fridge magnet (‘magnut’), you can sell anything from Silventree to them at a 10% discount and notify me for a 10% credit if you are selling from stock you’ve bought, or a 10% discount if you are ordering it for the customer.
If they order direct from me online from then on, the discount code has your initials on it and you receive a credit also, on your next order.
 The idea is to get the product in front of previous customers and potential new ones. Viral packaging as I call it…

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The Celtic Cross Gempod




This is an order almost done, showing the two halves and complete. I made the inside to fit the crosses snugly.   The magnets are near the middle on either side of the cross. The ‘gems’ are reflective acrylic domes. They add to the effect a lot I feel.

The solid bronze crosses complete with bronze plated chains and  magnuts are $99NZ as at 23/5/14. Email me  or go to

annes crosses going into gempods


The solid silver ones are $199 with solid stg silver chain. Here’s one on me ans one in the waterfall – hard to get the detail clear cos of the shininess:


silver floral cross on peter


silver floral cross in waterfall at the quarry

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The Silventree gempod magnut


This is the first working model, ready to use (apart from some finish decisions – black and gold, bronze look (shown here) or green and white, blue and white, natural oiled/beeswaxed, etc) for my own range of silver pendants and rings

image (4)

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A cool idea for jewellery packaging

imageWatch this space! I invented the gempods, or ‘magnuts’ to protect, display and virally promote my own jewellery. The idea is to have a container whose lid and base are both fridge magnets, so that a buyer of the jewellery has one to keep and one to give away. Both halves are beautiful, useful as fridge magnets, and also can be permanent ‘coupons’ allowing the customer to quote that number on the website and receive the gempod coupon price for future purchases.


silvertree BUSINESSCARD final FLATTENED CMYK 22 01 14 copy

for my jewellery and a bit on the gempod. Meanwhile if you like the concept, click on Follow and get email notification of new posts.

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